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Who is behind Spanish Immersion Programs in Galicia?

We are Marisa and Luis: We are qualified teachers with experience in teaching Spanish as a second language

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We manage Spanish Immersion Programs and we are going to tell you about us and our initiative:

We live in La Coruña, known as “the city of glass”, one the prettiest ans safest cities in Spain.

We and our team have no doubt that the best way to learn a language is through a close and constant relationship with the teachers and interaction with native speakers.

After seeing, on many ocasions, that the main problem of the immersion courses is that outside the classroom there is very little progress, we had the idea of addressing this issue by accommodating our students in our own home, so that learning takes place 24 hours of the day, both inside and outside the classroom.

During your stay you will be truly immersed in both the language and culture of Spain, as you will be surrounded by Spanish speakers, sharing their everyday life with you, so you will have no choice but to practise and reinforce your knowledge of the language with your teachers who are also your hosts.

Both we and our team speak a neutral Spanish without regional accents or dialect variations.

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We opt for a methodology based in the communicative approach that teaches the students to face everyday life situations, with all the resources needed.

We are both very proud of Spain and all it has to offer. We love our land and want to introduce it to our students, sharing our customs, way of life, beautiful landscapes and our sense of fun. Galicia has a rich history and cultural heritage. Our gastronomy is internationaly recognised, and the natural scenery of the región does not fit the stereotypical image of Spain, it is full of contrasts.

We have worked for many years in and with the leading tourist agency of Spain, managing and training teams. This experience has enabled us to accurately cater for the needs of our students, regarding language, cultural information and leisure activities.

Our students live with his/her teacher during the time of the classes, but also during the coffee breaks, the activities, the visits, the meals, the dancing, parties etc... This is, without a doubt, a significant advantage regarding language development and the main difference between our and other language packages. Our students are our guests and our friends, we want them to learn whilst enjoying time with Spanish amigos.

Living with your teacher will speed your learning process and it will give you a deeper knowledge of the Spanish culture.

If you would prefer a little time alone, we also offer you the option of a shared flat, individual residence or an hotel and you need only spend time with your teachers during the activities and visits.

We will encorage you to share our pasión; you will speak Spanish and we will make it an unforgettable experience.

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