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An actual spanish immersion programme, you will speak spanish as of your first day

linguistic immersion course in Spain

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Because we know there is no other way to learn a language than to learn about its customs and culture, you will leave being able to use the spanish language in any kind of situations.

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A complete cultural immersion.

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The perfect holiday learning perfect spanish.

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Meet the Spain you didn’t know existed

Located beside the Atlantic ocean, A Coruña is a city famous for its ancient fisher villages as well as “la ciudad vieja” and most importantly “la torre de hercules” one of its most important symbols. You will never forget its interesting mix of roman streets and medieval churches.



You will be able to taste the most diversely and traditionally prepared shellfish dishes.



Its deep-rooted magical beliefs and celtic roots give it its unique identity.



A mixture of celtic culture and roman architecture.



Its yearly roman fairs give it a fascinating but real aspect.

A Coruña is considered to be one of the safest cities in Spain.
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